On-Demand Rent Car App Development

Racing a car rental business doesn't need to be taxing as yet RentCar's auto rental business script helps you handle your company cover-to-cover with all the critical features. What you see or experience in Uber, as same as you can drive targeted audiences from the web, Android, iOS for both customers and admins.

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What is RentCar?

Uber clone script allows you to start a self-driving auto rental business effortlessly, including all-embracing features such as admin dashboards, fleet owners, and riders. You can make users an easy-to-use app and yield more profit. Let's get started!


Customer App Features

Social media login

Clients can log in to the rent car app instantly using their social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and others.

Vehicle listing

The client can view the different cars below tabs such as hatchback, sedan, SUV, off-road, electric, and others.

Ratings & reviews

Customers can verify the ratings given on vehicles listed on the app. Other users give these ratings.

Geolocation integration

With GPS integration, users/customers can seek cars in and around their region precisely.

Delivery location

Customers can either select or enter the location for the car to be delivered. They can even check the pick-up places to rent the vehicle physically.

Instant booking

Customers in need of a car instantly can tap the “Book now” feature after selecting the vehicle type and other details.

Schedule booking

The smart feature lets clients book a vehicle for a later period. After selecting the car, users choose the date, time & location before confirming the request.

Multi-payment integration

The app integrated with many secured payment gateways and payment methods such as digital wallets, credit/debit cards, and others.


Cater to global customers by allowing them the language of their choice — an easy combination of popular styles such as English, Spanish, Mandarin, and others.


The calendar feature showcases the dates each vehicle is available. Based on client convenience, cars will be kept.


The statement includes details such as service cost, vehicle type, date & time of use, distance covered, and others shared with the customer via email.


Update customers with a message on special offers, booking confirmation, the arrival of the vehicle, and many more via push notifications, SMS, and email.

Search & filter

Customers can search for vehicle type, location, and others through the app. They can apply filters to enhance the search result further.

In-app messaging

Customers can interact with vehicle owners or service providers through the in-app messaging feature.


Users can request their friends & family to join the app, and upon successful referrals, they receive exclusive discounts and other perks as per the service provider's discretion.

Owner App Features

Social media login

Rental business owners can log in the app via their social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and others directly.

Manage rental requests

Owners can watch and manage rental requests on various cars under their fleet. They can accept or reject the request based on availability and other factors.

List vehicles

The dedicated owner panel provides listing or delisting of vehicles from the current fleet glitch-free. But wait...there's more?


The owners get customized alerts by push notification, SMS, and email with regards to rental requests, payment confirmation, support, and others.

Booking details

With the dedicated panel, rental owners can see the booking history with details like vehicle model, date & time of use, revenue per trip, and others.

Verify account

The admin validates the rental owners based on the documents submitted via the platform — the document type is set as per the service provider's discretion.

Availability management

The rental owners can handle vehicle availability via the feature. They can toggle within available or unavailable to serve efficiently.

Live-track vehicle

The owner panel gives end-to-end tracking of vehicles in real-time gitch-free Owners will be timely notified of the vehicle's health.

Schedule maintenance

To retain the cars ready round the clock, the rental owners can schedule timely maintenance runs.

Stats report

Among the statistics dashboard, rental owners can view and download records on fleet availability, revenue earned, daily/weekly/monthly bookings, and others.

In-app calling

Owners can get in touch with customers directly by the in-app calling feature. This helps eradicate the need to share personal numbers.

Customer support

Rental owners can gain in touch with the service providers with the support feature combined into the app.

Admin Panel Features

Manage rental owner

Admins can handle the rental owners and add/edit/remove them from the program with ease.

Manage vehicle

The admin can monitor and manage the models and the particular brands that the rental owners select while listing on the platform.

Manage content

Admin can handle and edit the content on the form and website through the panel hassle-free.

Ad integration

With the strong admin panel, combine ads and increase your business revenue ten folds. The commercial spaces are strategically placed on the app and website for maximum viewership.


A reliable income model, admins, can give a weekly, monthly, or yearly subscription option for customers. The prices are set as per the admin's discretion.

Manage transactions

The admin via the dedicated panel can view and observe the transactions that take place across the rent car app or website.

Manage reviews

Admin can control and manage the reviews posted by users through the app. If the content is determined to be inappropriate, the admin can eliminate it from the platform.


Admins with the dashboard can see and download statistics records on the platform's functioning, including details like customers, rental owners, and others.

Manage customers

Clients can observe and manage the list of customers enrolled in the program. Admins can add/edit/remove them as per service discretion.

Surge pricing

Admins can begin surge pricing based on the demand the app is drawing from a particular zone or region. The customers & rental owners were notified accordingly.

Fleet tracking

Admin with the smart dashboard can trace each vehicle in real-time. They can concurrently view details such as customer name, vehicle number & others.

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